Who is Emily Moe?

I have often felt as if my life has lacked a thesis. There is no obvious single line of intent running through it. I have worked in radio drama, arts administration, dance, theater, millinery, all manner of craft and music. Truly the list can go on nearly endlessly. While it is true that I seem to be afflicted with a condition that makes me need to know how all things are made, all this has also come from a desire to bring music, dance, theater and all manner of craft to the communities on the edge of the wilderness that I have ties to.

In 2015-16, I took a year in Ireland in pursuit of an MA in Creative Process through the Uversity program, studying mainly Community Music in addition to my Creative Process core module. In doing this, I realized several very important things about myself.

This lack of thesis is my strength. Through my breadth of experience, I bring different ways of seeing solutions to problems I encounter in my work and in life. My medium is mainly people. I make art by guiding people into realizing their own vision, doing this by teaching using techniques that draw out my students own capabilities. I don’t make my piano students sound like me or my millinery students duplicate my own hats. I make my piano students sound more like themselves. I make my millinery students realize their own vision. And all the while I’m stretching that vision, expanding their own concept of what it is to be a musician or milliner. And through them, my own art expands.

In all I do, in fact, all I have ever done, is to attempt to create communities. I actively do this through my work with the Milliners of Etsy, but it happens in my hat classes where we tell our stories while stitching, and in my piano lessons while my students grow with me.

Now that I know these things about myself, I am rooting myself more completely in these skills so that I might use them to create more. I am never sure what is going to happen in the future. I am a “roll with it” sort of girl. What door opens next, what scheme comes to fruition, I am never certain of. I just know that whatever it is will bring out the full passion of my being, because that is also the way I work. It will be fascinating. It will be fun. Watch out world. Here I come.